Cafe Madeline – The Cube

Cafe Madeline

Today we had brunch in Cafe Madeline in The Cube. Neither of us have had brunch here before, although I often go for coffee and cake (highly recommended!). We went quite early for us, arriving about 9.15am.

All sorts  of people were also enjoying brunch when we arrived: two community police officers, two women sharing breakfast and soon joined by one of their mums, two Australians ready for the cricket (already with beers open on the side), a couple of businessmen with fat leather portfolios enjoying a more formal breakfast, one man eating alone and working on his laptop. And us. Cafe Madeline is thus a great place to people watch. The huge plate glass windows down one side also give you a good view of people arriving in The Cube – later in the day, you get all sorts of characters arriving here, often in limousines or other ridiculous cars for driving around the one way streets behind the Mailbox.

Our drinks arrived: coca cola for the husband and tea for me. The nice thing about Cafe Madeline is that you actually get a madeline with your drink, which is a lovely touch. Unfortunately, as they are so delicious, I couldn’t resist eating mine before I remembered to take a picture of the tea:


For our breakfast dishes, I ordered eggs florentine, which comes with two slim pieces of toast, and a bowl of cherry tomatoes and feta. I was worried the toast would not be enough to properly go with the eggs (shades of restaurants  that never give you enough toast for your pate), but it was just enough. The feta side was something I haven’t had with an eggy brunch in Brum before – it was a delicious extra. The eggs were £8.


The husband had a full English – £6.95 reduced from the £9.50 stated on the menu – and rated it among the best he has had in Birmingham. High praise (although it wasn’t quite as good as the A** breakfast in Norje  – review to come). The only problem? He couldn’t quite finish it all.


At the end of the meal, time to check out the toilets, important barometer of whether I am going to return to a restaurant. Cafe Madeline’s toilets are shared with the burger bar next door. They were spotlessly clean, decorated in a minimalist stone style with pictures of 40s beauties for decoration. The sinks are all sensor operated; the only problem was that the dryer wasn’t working and there were no hand towel alternatives.

InstagramCapture_daa4a2f5-3d06-4363-a73d-e3cf11b0aab8In summary:

Price: mid range

Atmosphere and design: vibrant and bright

Food: tasty and something a little extra

Toilets: Clean and modern

Enjoyment: top marks, would definitely return


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