The Village Pub – Moseley

The Village Pub, Moseley

Rarely, we venture outside the city centre of Birmingham for brunch. However, today we wanted to visit Guthrie and Ghani for fabric and sewing notions (me) and Cotteridge Wines and Spirits (him), so a suburban brunch we decided to have.

The Village Pub is just up from the main crossroads in Moseley, and has the added advantage of it’s own easy-to-access car park ((£2, and you get refunds if using the pub). It is a massive space, with a big beer garden wrapped around the side, and has been redecorated recently in the most contemporary hipster style: faux Victoriana and French touches abound. The light fittings have funky shades, there is a book swap and a pile of ‘Parlour Games’ in the corner, the chairs are upholstered in carefully mismatched  (but always retro and funky) fabrics.

We were the only people in there at 11am, so our drinks were quickly served. My pot of tea was fine, served with a prettily decorated milk jug and a small bite of fruit cake on the side. Is having a small piece of cake on the side a new fashion in serving tea, or have I only become aware of it from blogging my cuppas?Something was ‘off’ with the coke though – possibly vanilla coke had been poured by accident?


The full English at £7.95 gained a mixed review. The sausages were pronounced to be superbly tasty, but unfortunately the poached eggs were practically hard boiled. They have tried to fancy up the beans, adding different types of beans, as well as carrots and celery, to the pot, but it was not a successful plan: the beans were too salty and the tweaks didn’t add anything to the breakfast.

full English

The eggs benedict were reasonably priced at £5.95, and were competently done. When I order eggs benedict, this is mostly what I want: well toasted muffins, nice quality ham, surprisingly large eggs, and a good dollop of tasty sauce. All was in evidence here. The only quibble could be that while one egg was perfectly done, the other was very slightly too hard boiled. Lack of appreciation for a runny yolk in evidence here! I was overall well pleased though.Eggs BendictFinally, the toilet review, and this is where The Village really is fantastic. The toilets are superb! Possibly the best toilets in any brunch venue in Birmingham! They were immaculately clean, which is a given for a good toilet review, but what sets these loos apart is the space and decoration. Firstly, look at the space in this room:


Secondly, the decorative touches round the room make it feel more like a boutique hotel bathroom than a utilitarian pub space. The chairs are comfy, massive, and upholstered in proper fabrics. The hand towels are stored in lovely wicker baskets, and there are both handwash and nicely scented moisturiser.IMG_1306

Finally, the toilets themselves have vintage-styled Burlington tanks, and each cubicle is wallpapered with a different funky wallpaper. Might seem overly fussy, but a bathroom designed like this trusts its users not to graffiti on the walls or spill beers on the chairs, and is thus relaxing and lovely to use. Top marks!IMG_1304

In summary:

Price: mid range – tea, coca cola, full English and eggs benedict: £18

Atmosphere and design: Victoriana, Edwardiana, French…chain hipster

Food: standard, slightly overcooked eggs

Toilets: Clean and luxurious – fantastic

Enjoyment: standard, solid, wouldn’t mind returning



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