The Red Lion – The Jewellery Quarter

The Red Lion in Hockley

The Red Lion is always further down the hill from the Jewellery Quarter centre than you think it is going to be, but it is worth the walk. Essentially, brunch here is exactly the same as brunch in the Lord Clifden (both part of the Urban Art Bars group), but in a smaller, cosier venue. The central bar separates two small rooms decorated in classic pub style with additional Urban Art Bar twists in the art work and fabric choices on the stools.


Looking for differences to The Lord Clifden, I was given a tea pot with my cup of tea: a funny stubby little teapot with a stubby little spout. Apart from that, the food is almost identical, no bad thing with such a tasty menu.

InstagramCapture_5a5583f0-1bcc-4dc1-a8c9-85eaae5536f7Again, the sautéed potatoes came in for particular praise, and the Lashford sausages maintain their exceptional standard.


The toilets in the Red Lion maintain an admirable commitment to the Urban Art Bar vibe through the accessories. The Dyson Airblade (always a mark of a top toilet) is sparkly and pink, the toilet seat covers boast jaunty colours, the walls are decorated with Urban Art prints, and a giant ornate mirror overlays the old-fashioed red tiling. Perfectly delightful.


The final touch at The Red Lion is a lovely garden at the back, mostly covered over, and with a TV on which a solitary gentleman was enjoying the sport. The roof ensures this is a lovely place to enjoy a drink even as the weather gets ever grimmer as we move into September.


In summary:

Price:  midrange – £6.95 for a full English, although for £11 you can have steak instead of sausage

Atmosphere and design: cosy pub with Urban Art decoration for a modern twist

Food: great quality, lovely sautéed potatoes. Top quality Lashford sausage.

Toilets: small and quirky, Dyson airblade driers

Enjoyment: also a perfect place for a pub style brunch (great garden in the back)


Twitter: @RedLionUAB



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