Yumm Cafe – The Custard Factory

Yumm Cafe – The Custard Factory, Digbeth

Morning brunch at the Custard Factory is harder to find than expected. We failed with The Mockingbird Theatre: very unhelpful website, and tweeting them revealed brunch starts at midday. Alfie Birds promises 10am brunch on their website: when we arrived, it was to discover that they too, actually only open at midday on Saturday. Luckily, just around the corner, Yumm Cafe came to our rescue.

The Custard Factory setting is a great place to visit if you support independent Brum. Ten minutes walk from the Bullring markets and shopping centre, it is filled with independent artists, creatives, vintage shops, graffiti artists, and more. The pedestrianised street down the middle, leading to the railway arches, is a delight


Yumm Cafe is on the left as you enter the Custard Factory from the City Centre direction. Today, a small number of customers were taking advantage of the outside seating to bask in the sunshine; inside, it was packed, especially with people fueling for the Vintage Kilo Sale happening in the Custard Factory event hall. It is branded in a lime green, emphasising its healthy options, such as real fruit smoothies. Don’t imagine it is a health food only cafe though: it provides a proper stodgy full English, as well as a great range of cake.


Inside, chalk boards shout about the ‘hearty breakfast’ options. Sadly, on the day we went there was a 15-20 minute wait on the eggs benedict, so, on a deadline, everyone had the full English. You order at the counter, and return to your seats for your drinks. Food is served by the simple method of the staff bellowing your name when your food is ready, and you pop up to the counter to get it. This creates a very intensive, frenetic atmosphere, especially when someone doesn’t collect their food, and ‘Food for Chris’ is screamed at increasingly desperate volumes at minute intervals. Where is Chris and why has he abandoned his lovely breakfast, you wonder? InstagramCapture_fad8d4f2-fbc7-4b19-88c9-f4a36929a164

Tea is a big white mug of English breakfast, served with a little metal pot for your milk. Simple and classic favouring volume over fancy cups/pots/milk jugs/faff.


The full English itself is an absolutely standard version of the dish, with a choice of scrambled or fried eggs. Bacon, sausage, mushroom, egg and beans all present and correct. Again, no fancy ingredients here, but sometimes you want a standard sausage and, especially at the price, this will exactly fit the bill.


Toast comes in a choice of white or granary, and for some reason the white toast is pre-cut into triangles for you, while granary eaters are trusted to cut their own. 

The toilet is also painted a vivid green and is functional, clean and with mirror, bin, coat hook, without being in any way fun or entertaining. Does the job with no frills.       

In summary:

Price:  cheap eats: £13.50 for two full English breakfasts, a cup of tea, and a coca cola

Atmosphere and design: green and bright, loud and intense serving experience, beautiful serene location

Food: standard quality, basic breakfast, shame the eggs Benedict were on delay

Toilets: functional, clean

Enjoyment: marvelous place to fuel up before a hard day vintage shopping


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