Kaffee Couture – brand new breakfast

Kaffee Couture – Augusta Street, Jewellery Quarter

Kaffee Couture has only been open for three weeks; it seems to have no internet presence at the moment, and a Google Earth search still shows a picture of ‘Ogos Mediterreanean Cafe’, the previous business on the site where it stands. The outside has been considerably smartened up for this new cafe and deli, and it was this attractive exterior that drew us in. It is set slightly away from the main jewellery streets; Augusta Street houses a more eclectic mix of vintage shops, Fellows auctioneers, and, right next door, the Indian consulate.


Inside, the cafe is styled with a mish-mash of furniture and decorative touches to evoke having a cup of coffee in someone’s front room. The mix of rustic and industrial touches is cosy and welcoming. We were seated by the big picture window at the front, where we could look out over the not-entirely-attractive backside of the JQ. The ordering point is dominated by the deli counter, with a board above outlining the range of foods hanging above.


The lady who took our order was also friendly and welcoming. The cafe when we arrived was full of a buzz of chat, although seemingly from a group of friends and relatives of the owners rather than many customers. This was probably due to the ‘twixtmas’ date we chose to visit: the rest of the Jewellery Quarter was either shut or deserted, so the lack of customers was no surprise.

Of 7 breakfast options on offer, we both chose the Classic English breakfast, which at only £5 for 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, beans, 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea, was a bargain. Other options include omelettes, baps, or ‘couture French toast’. None of the breakfast options include sausages. Eggs are specified organic every time they are mentioned.

Tea arrived in a bright cup which matched the cheery ambiance, water already in the cup – no teapot here – but a satisfyingly clunky milk jug lets you measure your own milk.


The breakfast was very filling for the price. Cheap sliced bread, and nothing fancy here, but the eggs were cooked perfectly, the portions were satisfying, and the service very friendly. The only minor quibble might be that the stylishly-slanted plates rocked unhelpfully if trying to cut food anywhere near the edge.


While ordering, I commented on the beautiful cakes displayed at the bar. Half way through our meal, our server brought over a complimentary slice for us to share. The presentation of the sponge cake, as you can see, was beautiful, and the cakes themselves are handmade on the premises every day. I could see coffee and cake lovers finding a real treat here. InstagramCapture_1f941a00-4177-49be-aee2-1322eb6904ef

The single unisex toilet is just on the left of the deli bar. It is a spacious room, with distressed wood walls and vintage-styled touches in the mirror and the hand wash dispenser. The coat hooks on the back of the door are a set of delightful old-style taps, shape modified with hooks below. One tissue had escaped the bin and lay sadly on the floor, but otherwise, it was clean.

In summary:

Price:  cheap eats – a classic English breakfast including a hot drink (but not including sausages) will cost you £5

Atmosphere and design: cosy, welcoming

Food: the classic English was well-cooked and filling, with basic ingredients. Handmade cakes available.

Toilets: one unisex toilet is spacious with some individual touches

Enjoyment: a lovely venue slightly off the beaten track in the JQ for a low key meal


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